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Taking the Neighborhood to New Heights with a 2021 Relaunch of the SHNA

Some say there are silver linings to the 2020 pandemic. In Sylvan Heights one of those silver linings was the act of neighbors reaching out to neighbors and helping each other get through uncertain times. During the lockdown, neighbors convened on lawns and patios, socially distanced, sharing stories and in-demand supplies like toilet paper, hand soap and wine. Mostly, it was a time when neighbors discovered friendships and common bonds right on their own streets.

From these bonds, conversations about the neighborhood naturally arose. With a mutual love of Sylvan Heights, topics like zoning, development projects and short-term rentals came up. And, after a meeting with Metro Council Woman Kathleen Murphy, the idea to bring back the Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association (SHNA), which had been inactive since 2016 when some of the key members moved away, was proposed.

Fast forward a few months and with a few more neighbors on board, the new SHNA Executive Committee was formed. With helpful guidance from Jim Hawk at Neighbor 2 Neighbor, the committee pressed on to create new by-laws, a website redesign, a new mission statement and a neighborhood outreach campaign. Today, the Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association is set for a 2021 relaunch.

As stated on the new website, the Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association (SHNA) is the collective community voice for addressing neighborhood issues such as zoning, urban development, security, beautification and metropolitan services.

The 2021 Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association Executive Committee is: Ingrid Anderson, Carrie Apple, Mary Breen, Patrick Garner, Jeff Middlebrooks, Amanda Barnard Phillips and Gabrielle Yeager.

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