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Have you taken the #50?

Sylvan Heights is the BEST location in Nashville! We are close to downtown but still a neighborhood…the best of both worlds. There are many things to do within walking distance but sometimes you want/need to go downtown.

MTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Lite Route #50 is our bus.


Fast Takes 10-15min to get downtown

Efficient On Weekdays runs every 15min

Better than driving Text, read, email, nap, put on make-up (all the things you want to do while driving)

BRT 50 goes down Charlotte from Walmart to the MTA bus station downtown. Our neighborhood stop is 37th/Sylvan Heights shown on the map below.

So are you ready to ride? Download Transit or go to MTA's website for the bus schedule.

Feel free to contact me if you need more details, and I look forward to seeing you on the bus!

Want more?

Information about the Nashville MTA/RTA Strategic plan.

Blogs about riding the bus in other cities - here and here.

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