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37th Avenue Sidewalk Community Meeting Update

Thanks to our Council Member Kathleen Murphy for hosting the community meeting tonight for input on the new sidewalk on 37th Ave from the rail road tracks in Sylvan Heights to Murphy Road in Sylvan Park. This sidewalk will connect Sylvan Heights to other parts of the district and the 440 Greenway. Here are some of the details we learned tonight from the Metro Department presentation.

-The planning portion is being completed now and the expected best case start date for the project is in the fall.

-From Sylvan Heights, the sidewalk will run continuously on the east side of 37th Avenue North, under the underpass to 37th Avenue North in Sylvan Park, to a crosswalk crossing Pilcher Avenue, to Murphy Road. There will be a standard six inch curb along the sidewalk in the underpass. Striping on the opposite side of the sidewalk will serve as a guide for cars in the one-lane underpass. The stop signs on either side of the underpass will be adjusted to increase visibility on either side of the underpass.

[Disclaimer - this version of the design is DRAFT ONLY]

-The sidewalk along 37th Ave N in Sylvan Park will include a grass strip separating the sidewalk from the street, where the utility poles will be located. -Ingrid Anderson, SHNA Secretary

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