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Google Fiber is coming!

This week Google Fiber reached out to the neighborhood association, and invited us to attend a presentation for West Nashville neighborhood representatives. Ingrid (our wonderful secretary) and I were able to attend. We wanted to share with you what we learned.

If you’re not familiar with Google Fiber, you can visit their website Basically, it’s a brand new and extremely fast (1000 mbps to be exact) internet, cable and phone service provider.

Because this type of cable is totally new, Google Fiber has to build new infrastructure. This means there will be some construction in our neighborhood. Here’s some information they wanted us to share with the neighborhood:

  • Crews will begin to mark important construction zones with spray paint and flags. Please try not to move these, if at all possible.

  • You’ll receive a Google Fiber door hanger on your front door before construction actually begins.

  • There are a variety of factors that could impact how long the construction process will take, from weather, to permitting, to location of existing utilities.

  • When construction is complete, your neighborhood will have access to one of the fastest internet connections in the country.

They really emphasized that they will fix and clean up anything they mess up during construction. If you do have any issues with construction the best and fastest way to resolve the issue is to call their construction hotline @ (877) 454-6959.

In the meantime, if you want to experience what Google Fiber will be like, visit the Google Fiber Space in the Gulch. You can watch Google TV and connect your own devices to the Google Fiber network. The Google Fiber Space is located at 1108 Division Street. You might even see a few neighbors there.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Brittany Pharr & Ingrid Anderson

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