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Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association | Nashville Tennessee

December 12, 2022

Calling all Tree Lovers! 


Your neighbor on Park Ave, Kelly Nagy, is on a mission to bring more trees to Sylvan Heights. She is currently working with Metro to create and submit a proposal for:

  • Street Trees on Park Ave (in the public right of way)

  • Trees surrounding Park Ave Elementary School

In order to make this happen she will be working with Metro to create and submit a proposal, notify neighbors, and complete required items by metro. 


If you are interested in being involved, Kelly could use volunteers for:


- Tree selection

- Map creation

- Proposal completion

- Neighbor notification

- Overall coordination


If any or all of these tasks sound fun, please reach out to Kelly, or complete this survey she created to help identify interested volunteers. 


Also if you've never volunteered for something before, this is a great chance because this is the first time Kelly has done something like this too! 



Contact Info:

Kelly Nagy

(615) 829-8291


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