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Leading Sylvan Heights to new Heights

The Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association has been hard at work learning about new resources to help the neighborhood. President Lynne Archer recently completed the Neighborhood Leadership Academy provided by the Neighborhoods Resource Center in Nashville. Vice President Brittany Pharr and Secretary Ingrid Anderson also attended several of the sessions.

Training topics included building skills to reach out and communicate with neighbors, how to facilitate great neighborhood meetings, and how to use government resources to find information that is helpful to the neighborhood.

The training was provided by Jim Hawk, Executive Director and Megan Black, Leadership Development Specialist of the NRC. Seven other neighborhood associations from different parts of Nashville also attended. It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded groups and learn new skills to support the SHNA.

If you would like to hear more about the training from Lynne or Brittany, come to Tuesday’s SHNA meeting (March 29 at 7pm) at West Sector Police Station. The featured speaker will be Joel Sullivan, CEO of American Red Cross, who will speak about preparing for emergencies.

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